How to Enter

How to Enter

Swim Meet information for Members

Entries Officer: Julie Thomas (0419 382 438)

The following information is designed to help new and existing members through the meet entry process. If you require further information please contact your Coach or Team Manager, see contact details here.

How do I register for a swim meet?

Entries are completed ONLINE through Swim Central.

Online entries link for each of the Club's targeted meets can be found on this site in the Events Calendar. The online entries for these meets as well as all other meets can be found on the Gippsland Swimming or Swimming Victoria websites. If you have any problems with an online entry please contact the Club secretary.

Swimming Victoria (SV) Registration Number

All members are required to pay a membership fee to Swimming Victoria and then receive a membership card. This membership means you are a registered member of Swimming Victoria and as such are covered by insurance in case of an accident/injury. Members are also issued with a SV registration number.

Your SV REGISTRATION NUMBER is made up of the following components:
- First 3 letters of your surname
- First 2 letters of your first name
- Date of Birth

For example, if your name is John Smith and your date of birth is 18 May 1995 then your registration number would be SMIJO180595 (notice the use of a zero when the date is a single digit)

How will I know which swim meets to enter?

Your coach will suggest which meets you should attend based on the type of meet, the qualifying times (if any) and your experience level. NOTE: Relay Entries will be completed by our Entries Officer and paid for by the club.

A list of upcoming meets targeted by the Club for specific squads can be found in the following locations:
- Events Calendar on this website
- Club's TeamStuff (see your Team Manager if you do not have access yet)
- Coaches Corners
newsletter, (available on Team App and emailed)

These meets, along with other meets the Club does not target, can also be found on the Gippsland Swimming or Swimming Victoria websites.

What is a Swim Program?

The program contains all the information you and your family need to know about the meet including the location, events offered, the maximum number of events you may enter per day, the entry fees, entry deadlines, start times, warm-up times and any special information or instructions regarding how the meet is run. Make it a practice to run through the program before you enter a meet. You are responsible for understanding and being aware of all the information contained in the program when you enter.

What is an entry time?

Your entry time for an event should be your fastest time for that event. In the case of online entries, your fastest time for that event from the national database (at 5pm on the date entries close) will be used.

Gippsland Swimming Inc (GSI) Entries

Entries to GSI events are also done online. Closing dates and online entry links for Club targetted events can be found in the Events Calendar on this website. Closing dates and online entry links for these events along with all other events can be found on the Gippsland Swimming website. Closing dates for Club targetted events are also available on Team App. If you are unsure or experiencing difficulties contact our Entries Officer.

Entry Fee - Entries for each GSI Meet (except Gippies) is $15.00 which covers all events entered on the day.

REMINDER: All competitive swimmers of the Club are expected to attend the annual Gippsland Championships (Gippies) held at Sale each year on the long weekend in March. This is the pinnacle event of the season for many of our swimmers and is lots of fun! In order to qualify swimmers are required to compete at a minimum of 3 GSI meets throughout the long course season. See our Events Calendar for details of these meets. You will need to book early for accommodation!


Should a swimmer wish to scratch (withdraw) from an event on the day of competition they must notify a team manager as soon as possible (preferably prior to the session commencing).

A scratching form must be signed by a Warragul Team manager. The form is then returned to the meet secretary who will officially scratch the competitor.