Swimming Victoria membership is required by all swimmers of Warragul Swimming Club Inc. The membership allows swimmers to compete at any swim meet and provides insurance coverage whilst participating at a meet and at all scheduled club training sessions. Swimming Victoria memberships must be completed online at the Swimming Victoria website using the new Swim Central portal through www.vic.swimming.org.au.

It is also mandatory that each member under 18 years has a parent/guardian registered as a 'Dry Member'.

Coaching Fees

Coaching Fees vary depending on the squad swimmers are placed in. Invoices will be sent to all swimmers for payment of squad fees.

The smooth operation of the club relies on prompt payment of fees by our members. Please direct all enquires to Fiona Hayden (Treasurer) - 0409 820 275.

Pool Entry Fees

In addition to Squad and Membership fees all swimmers are required to pay an entry fee to Warragul Leisure Centre. Please contact the Centre to discuss which swim pass option will best suit your requirements

Options Include
Single Entry; Swim Pass (50 entries) or Aquatic Membership (unlimited entry).

Warragul Leisure Centre is located in BurkeStreet, Warragul and is managed by the YMCA. Ph: 5623 4017

No individual entry fee is paid by swimmers to use the Drouin Indoor pool, the costs are included in the swimmers coaching fee structure. The Drouin Indoor Pool is located at the Drouin Secondary College in South Road, Drouin.

Competition Fees

GSI Swimming Meet Race Fees
These fees vary slightly but are usually approximately $15 per day with the exceptions of larger meets where the entry cost is replaced with a small fee per race entry.

MSAC/Other Meet Race Fees
As with the GSI race meets some fees are charged per day but it is more common to be a per race entry charge.

It is worth noting that registration costs are non-refundable.
If you have any further questions regarding completion fees please contact your team manager or coach.